Outlaw Queen has my heart

No really, I am Regina and Outlaw Queen is Zelena and the two of them have my heart.
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One of my favourite OQ tropes over the break was pregnant Regina and just… Ugh I’ve been imaging if that was an actual plot on the show. I think it would destroy me.

So much angst. And of course Robin would somehow find out. And then he would be even more torn between the two of them.

I need to stop thinking of these things. Wow.

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Ps- the fic I just posted I posted from my iPad and couldn’t figure out how to read more. Will add a read more in approx 1.5 hrs.


Posted on 30, September 2014 September 30 2014 2014年9月30日 by yourpinkdiary

Two Souls Torn

The season 4 premier kind of killed me in every way. This is a rambly piece I wrote in response


The worst part of it all was that she could still feel him. She could still taste him, as though he had just been kissing her.

But it had been days.

She’d been lying if she said she didn’t understand. More than once the thought had crossed her mind… if the situation was reversed. If it was Daniel.

But then… she was a very different woman to the one she had been when there was Daniel.

It wasn’t so much his final decision. But how easy it seemed to be for him. How black and white his options were. He’d said it was real, but…

If real meant the same thing to him as it did to her, surely it wasn’t that easy?

It was so easy to want to slip into her old habits. Destroy what was in her way. Simply get rid of the problem and her happy ending would be back.

And then she’d been standing there. With an opportunity to urge the giant snowman on (really she should have found the creature odder than she did, should have questioned its appearance more), let him do her dirty work. Pretend she was completely helpless. She could comfort Robin as he grieved for a second time over his dead wife.

But she wasn’t that woman anymore. Killing in cold blood wasn’t in her anymore. She couldn’t destroy Henry’s faith her. She couldn’t be the reason Roland was motherless once more. And so she’d saved her. Proving something about herself to the woman at the same time. Proving something about herself to herself even.

She was a villain. Life was never going to be fair for her. The fact that even Gold had a happy ending was tearing her apart inside.

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