Outlaw Queen has my heart

No really, I am Regina and Outlaw Queen is Zelena and the two of them have my heart.
Posted on 05, May 2013 May 05 2013 2013年5月5日 by yourpinkdiary

Like actually though, I’ve been a fan of Taylor’s since like late 08/09 and I’ve been a fan of Darren’s since I first saw AVPM in 09. And I remember listening to his EP and the songs he wrote and loving them and being instantly like if Darren ever wrote with Taylor it would be the best thing ever. And now they definitely know each other. And are probably friends to some degree. So can someone please hand them their guitars and lock them in a room together until they’ve several songs and have them record the songs and then give them to me for me to drown in? 


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